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Goleman (2001) proposed 4 key domains of emotional intelligence that help individuals thrive:


  • Self-awareness

  • Self-management

  • Social awareness

  • Relationship management

EQ has been shown positively correlated with increased job performance, better health and wellbeing (Keefer, Parker, & Saklofske, 2018).


Individuals - including leaders - with high EQ present the ability to self-regulate, self-motivate, improve interpersonal relationships, and they are often considered more affectionate by their peers (Nguyen et al., 2020).

Hospital Working Day

Teams and leaders with HIGH EQ master the following areas of their professional life:

  • building trust & psychological safety

  • communicating clearly & efficiently

  • exchanging feedback

  • increasing patient safety

  • working efficiently under the pressure

  • building strong & healthy intra-team relationships

  • protecting mental health of team members

  • nurturing autonomy, engagement, goal setting, growth mindset and purposeful work

  • creating the atmosphere of camaraderie & positive emotions

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Research shows that EQ can be amplified throughout our whole lives

(yes, you can "teach the old dog new tricks!":)

Emotional intelligence can be expanded through self-study or...

a well-structured, fully guided coaching process offered by Vet Gone Real.

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