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What is Positive Psychology Life Coaching for individual Vet Professionals?

- it's a way of self-care and self-development.

We meet regularly (as frequently and as long as you need) online or face-to face. Time zones don't matter, I can work around them. Depending on what you need, we can dive deep into various subjects or keep the conversation down-to-earth and pithy, but the goal always is to bring the positive change to your life. 


Through our sessions, you can discover new perspectives/goals/desires that are crucial for your happiness, fulfilment and life satisfaction. Together, we will explore your current situation, "brainstorm" over all the possibilities and establish a structured plan that will allow you succeed.  We will alleviate your concerns and amplify your strengths. My task is to give you a booster of motivation, lead you throughout this journey, help you defeat your limitations and reach your full potential.

Every session is your well-deserved "me-time", focused entirely on bringing the positive change. As a coach, I don't judge - you can say exactly what you want and feel. Sessions are 100% confidential.

Unlike counselling, Life Coaching does not involve medical care or treatment and does not focus on the past issues that severely disrupt your life. I follow the work ethics and I respect my limitations in the best interest of my coachees.

Positive Psychology Life Coaching acknowledges negative and difficult parts of your life (who doesn't have a bunch of problems?!). However, instead of dwelling on them, we extract the useful information from them and turn the issues into challenges that you can control and use towards achieving success.


When was the last time, when you spent a moment entirely focused on yourself, without rush, distractions

or self-criticism? If you can't remember....  you found the right person to help you change that.

Self-care and personal growth are NOT a luxury. They are your "MUST HAVE" to be strong, healthy and serve others. You cannot perform at you best and give energy to others, if your inner battery is exhausted. 

The Vet Gone Mental community does not believe in fixed, pre-set solutions.

As you could see in the section "VETS, NURSES & STUDENTS", I can help you follow multiple directions and guide you to achieve the desired change in both private and professional life.

Every coachee is treated individually and every journey is highly tailored to your needs. 

Once we establish the general direction during our 20min "Break the Ice" session, you can choose one of the following options to schedule our meetings:

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