The benefits of wellbeing

are recorded both in cross-sectional

and longitudinal research, and include improved productivity at WORK.

What is more, wellbeing is positively associated with better physical health.

(Bolier et al., 2013, p.2)

For your


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The first FREE session - Friday 19th November 2021 at 20.00 London time


Mastermind online session in which veterinary leaders can connect and explore the most burning issues in the industry that contribute to leaders' burnout.


A structured process of Appreciative Inquiry, guided by Vet Gone Real, allows you to  

discover the strengths, resources and the potential already hidden within your teams, and work towards creating structured action plans that will help you achieve the desired leadership outcomes.


is a 6-week, intense group course

that consists of 6 workshops

designed for veterinary teams

that would like to learn how to

prevent mental burnout,

manage its repercussions and

stop its further spread.


team course

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is a 6-week, highly interactive group course

that consists of 6 workshops

designed for the veterinary teams that would like to build a culture of safety, self-compassion, compassion and a positive intra-team bond.


The separate

workshops tailored

for your Team:

available online or live in the UK

  • Become the Negativity-Proof Heroes

  • Tackle Imposter Syndrome

  • Recovering Perfectionists

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - clever people feel wisely

  • Work anxiety - kill the demon

  • Less empathy, more compassion, please!

Series for true Leaders - Masterclasses:

  • Psychological Safety in a Veterinary Workplace

  • Appreciative Inquiry - the power of the right question

  • Burnout explained - recognise the burning problem in your clinic 

  • Lost in translation - clearly about positive communication

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