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Liv is an experienced public speaker who shared her expertise with the audience of multiple international congresses in both veterinary and fitness industries, including the events organised by BSAVA, Mind Matters Initiative, VetCam Specialists, SPVS, Vet Dynamics, PerformX Live and many more.

All talks provided by Liv are created on the foundation of her lived, clinical experience, and combined with the research-based knowledge derived from the field of positive psychology, as well as social and organisational psychology.
Liv's lectures and workshops offer easily applicable tools and techniques, and they invariably ignite lively and meaningful discussions among veterinary professionals around the world.

Would you like to bring the topics of...

  • dignity

  • shared humanity

  • emotional intelligence

  • psychological safety

  • civility

  • conflict mediation

  • healthy workplace culture your veterinary audience?

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The upcoming courses...

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