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Hi! I'm Liv

  • Vet

  • Mental Wellbeing Advocate

  • Positive Psychology and Appreciative Coach

My mission is to help you become

your best, most REAL self.

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What is it

Positive Psychology Life Coaching?

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 If life gives you 

 a sour lemon... 

 Squeeze it. 

  As hard as you can.

 It's time to make   some 




Let's do a quick


Stressed Man

Are you...







Lazy Morning

Do you feel...






Are you experiencing...






Would you like to...








Meditating in Nature
If the answer is "YES"...
 it's time for a

I'm Liv

I'm a

Veterinary Surgeon 

Positive Psychology Life Coach



a gritty Doer

no-nonsense Motivator

competitive Weight-Lifter

passionate Life-Lover

Let's break

the ice

Making the change in your life can seem scary / time consuming / difficult and overwhelming...

...but it's SO WORTH IT.

The first step is to say... Hi.

I'm a cheerful, direct, trustworthy, professional and open-minded person, who enjoys meeting new people.

It's impossible to feel awkward next to me, I promise!

Moreover, I know very well how precious everybody's free time is

and I won't waste yours.
If you feel that there is something missing in your life...

or you already know what that "thing" is and you would like a boost of energy and support to work on it - this is what I'm here for.

We will start with recognising the space for your personal growth. 

Book the 20min FREE intro meeting

online, face-to-face

or over the phone

Don't worry about different

time zones - I'm very flexible.

Jess Miller


United Kingdom



for your weekly 

energy boost

to stay in touch, ask any question you like, receive FREEBIES and to be the first person to hear the news!


"Olivia is such a great person!

She’s kind, gentle and really helps to change your perspective and therefore change how you to deal with things. The sessions are online because of Corona, but it doesn’t make any difference to real life because of her sparkling personality."

Neeltje Drijfhout

Veterinary surgeon

Yoga instructor



"I needed a change and Liv was the change I needed! The universe sent me a message loud and clear to sign up for her negativity workshop, which I did. This type of workshop and coaching is not something that I had done before, and it was very outside of my comfort zone. Her workshops are small and friendly, interactive, and I felt surpisingly comfortable. Liv is a genuinely positive and enthusiastic person, and cares deeply. She is obviously positive, but her positivity is real, and a breath of fresh air. I love hearing her perspective and ideas and I can honestly say that listening to her has already started to change the way I think. She offers practical solutions and tools to help navigate real-life roadblocks. I am enjoying her workshops so much that I am planning to involve my colleagues and team from my workplace. She is exactly what I needed and at exactly the right time!

Andrea Finnen

Veterinary surgeon

DES, MSC, ACVIM Diplomate


"I’ve known Olivia for a little while, before she came back into my life just at the right time. I was feeling low, down and really struggling with crippling anxiety. Olivia taught me and guided me with techniques and tools to now manage situations which set off my anxiety, I learnt a lot about myself & what I’m really worth and the nurse I really am. Baby steps and focusing on the bigger picture which is my own happiness. My beloved ones say that they have noticed a big positive change in my attitude since I started working with Liv, I'm calmer and happier!"

Georgia Garrioch

Royal Veterinary Nurse

United Kingdom


"Olivia is my lighthouse… in every way!  When she listens to me, the smile in her voice is smoothing and comforting. Her knowledge in Positive Psychology is certainly a help because she knows the science of optimal functioning! Therefore, she always find the best words to keep me on track and motivated! When I was down because I could not find any idea with my professional project, she has been able to ask me the perfect questions. After talking to her, I felt lighter and calmer. 

Thank you so much for your time and experience!"

Elena Lucciarini

Trancher trainer, PR, ethics and project management high school teacher, mindfulness trainer



"My experience with Liv and her life coaching has been amazing. I had never done anything like it before but Liv is so approachable and reassuring that it has never felt anything other than really beneficial. We’ve explored different aspects in my life and she has guided me through some useful tools that have already helped me in my daily life. I’d highly recommend her."

Jess Miller


United Kingdom

"I would first like to say thank you a MASSIVE thank you to Olivia for her amazing service. Since seeing Olivia I have been able to tackle areas in my life that I've usually avoided and been able to come up with ways of how to resolve and move forward with these. I continue my sessions as I find them extremely valuable and extremely important for my well being. I would 100% recommend Olivias as she is approachable, personable, friendly and helpful. But mostly Olivia is enthusiastic, empathic, patient and absolutely loves her job and this is why she’s remarkable."

Let’s squeeze that lemon

Phone Number: +44 7981134161 /     Email: vetgonereal@gmail.com  

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